Revive Team Member - Gantz Points: 100
Survive and Store Record - Gantz Points: 100

Metal Viens Attachment for Y Gun - Gantz Points: 20

Energy Discharge for Gantz Sword - Gantz Points: 20

-1 Time Lag Reduction for X-Rifle - Gantz Points: 15

-1 Time Lag Reduction for X-Gun - Gantz Points: 15

Stabalizer for X-Rifle - Gantz Points: 15
Precision Pinpointing on Gantz Locator: 15

Lock-On Three Targets for X-Gun - Gantz Points: 40

Automatic Targeting for Y-Gun - Gantz Points: 40

Extended Blade on Gantz Sword - Gantz Points: 15

Scope Enhancement Attachment for X-Rifle - Gantz Points: 15

Precision Pinpointing on Gantz Locator - Gantz Points: 10

Enemy Tier on Gantz Locator - Gantz Points: 5
Gantz Locator - Gantz Points: 5

Status of Allies on Gantz Locator - Gantz Points: 1

Armour: 200%.

Armour recharges 10% for every 5 phases disengaged.

Health: 50. Movement with Armour: 6.

Movement without Armour: 3.
Movement after Attack: 2. When you attack a foe , movement will be restricted immediately after to 2.

Disengage Movement: 6. When you disengage, you cannot attack on the next turn.

Sight: 10. Buildings that block the logical view from hexes will prevent further view.

Sabotage : Decreases foes' chance of hitting in all directions at a 2 hex radius by 25%. 4 Phase Cooldown. Affects creature for 2 turns.

Provocation: Prevents an attack on an ally/foe and attracts the foe's attention. 4 Phase Cooldown.

Side-Step: Avoid the foe's hit and perform an immediate counter-strike. 5 Phase Cooldown.

Retreat: Retreat 10 hexes. 6 Phase Cooldown.

Leadership: All allies in surrounding hexes to you and on your hex receive an additional attack or movement. 6 Phase Cooldown. Note: this could be utilized as a team retreat for everyone but you.

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